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“a rough sea makes a better captain…”


The True Story of the Internet: Browser Wars

The story of the internet: Browser Wars marks one of the historical events that happen in the process of developing technology. It is a hidden fact most of us who uses the internet did not know about. It has served as the backdrop of what we are experience now, and the advantages we had from our ancestors decades ago. It is very pleasing to us, but the history of how this war had taken place gives a bad effect in the perspective I have.

I feel overwhelm with the ease in the technology now, yet, I am also frustrated on how the browser wars happened. In the film, it was great to know how they manage to develop the internet from just a simple letters, paragraphs, and lines into colorful, attractive, and enjoyable browsing pages we have now. They had exerted great minds and efforts to have a wonderful idea but the focus of being part of a historical change made it complicated. The conflict between Microsoft and Netscape taking into action has greatly affects me. Bill Gates being the founder of Microsoft manifested great plans but made it in the wrong way. His business tactics, which is not good enough, made him lost in the court during their competition with the Netscape. I feel so bad for what he has done. Their plan on how to end the Netscape is so self-centered. For the ability to have it all, Gates was unable to show sportsmanship.

With all of it, I am grateful of what had happened. Bill Gates as considered anti-competitive, known as the wealthiest man, had end up great in helping charitable organizations and scientific research program through his foundation. The revolution in computer also made a great progress. Microsoft is still use up to now and it made such improvement. It is now into every personal computer, upgrading more throughout the time. The Internet is also very known, the greatest work of technology. It now reaches a great peak where anything is possible.  It affects lives of people, making it more efficient and comfortable, and progress more  for betterment of everyone.

I.T and Me

We are now in the generation where computers, gadgets and machines rule our lives. We just need to click, type, and swipe, then everything is done. It delivers different features that amaze all of us. It makes our lives easier yet at the same time, it also produces great disadvantages to us.

Computers have affected every part of our lives. Agree? It can perform different tasks quickly and easily. It reduces our effort and time for work. Take for example; the life of students. There are projects, assignments and many more needed every day. With the help of computers, they can easily find and have great ideas for their school works. As an educational tool, there are these websites like Wikipedia, Khan’s Academy, YouTube, and many others. It also contributes greatly in the field of medicine, business, and industry.

With all these positive thought about computers, we can never deny the fact that it gives a great damage to us humans. It had created some problems in the society. Think about those children who have been addicted to computers. There are also some who use it for illegal purposes. Our social life has been focus to social Medias.

As a student I could say that I am very thankful that I become part of this generation. These gadgets help me a lot in my daily activity. I can enjoy and at the same time have time for my study. Most of the things I need just need a click. Yet, as time went by, I became lazy, unproductive, and inactive. There are nights that I’m fully awake until morning. As a result, I am asleep all day long.

There is really this time in our life that we are really into new things. As information technology takes place, we must always remember their purposes, for us to have and use it properly. It is one of the great inventions of today. Think about how we would be without these things. So as we learn clicking, we must do first the thinking.